Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Samsung 837 Celebrates the 2016 Olympics with Lolo Jones at “Rio Remotely" Event

On Friday, August 5th, guests celebrated the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games at Samsung 837. World champion and Olympic athlete, Lolo Jones, and TV host Alicia Quarles discussed all things technology and what it's really like to represent your country in the world's largest sporting event.

· Lolo Jones on how Samsung Gear VR can enhance an athlete’s performance: “Athletes use visualization to improve their performance. It's actually proven that by visualizing, you can improve your skills. When I put on the Samsung Gear VR, I noticed instantly how much this could be used as a training tactic. With Gear VR, athletes don't have to visualize, they can just be there in the moment. I can really see this being used for Olympic teams moving forward.”

· Lolo Jones on how it feels to finally watch the Olympics from home: “If I’m going to watch the Olympics from home, I want to be surrounded by people – and it’s great to be here with New Yorkers who have so much pride for team USA.”

· Lolo on the best Olympic advice she ever received: “One of my coach's favorite sayings is control what you can control. For instance, I can't control my training, but I can control my thoughts about it. I can control my actions, whether I choose to focus on my technique or the weather. I always remind myself to take a deep breath and control what I can control.”

Staying true to its goal of using technology to enhance and amplify what we do on a daily basis – like watch sporting events – Samsung provided guests with a next level Olympics viewing experience, which included testing the newly installed Samsung Gear VR powered 4D Surf Installation (in honor of this being a new Olympic sport in 2020), traveling to the Olympic City through a virtual VR experience that showcased behind-the-scenes clips and Rio-inspired eats and drinks.

Samsung is providing the first ever virtual reality coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and this content is exclusively available to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users on Samsung Gear VR.

Throughout the duration of the Olympic Games, Samsung 837 guests will be able to experience the excitement of Rio like nowhere else. Watch Olympic events from Rio on the three-story screen, view exclusive sports content in virtual reality and enjoy internationally-inspired bites and refreshments. Go to to get the latest viewing schedule.

Above Photos: (Credit: Getty/Samsung)
Samsung 837 Celebrates the 2016 Olympics with “Rio Remotely” Event

- Kim Weling

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