Saturday, November 14, 2015

#Beauty20 Awards - New York 2015 - Consumers Choice Top 10

The second #beauty20 consumer choice awards in New York was hosted by innoCos Digital on November 5th. 

The #beauty20 Awards were created to benchmark the companies who are the most successful in connecting with consumers through digital technology and social media. The Global Cosmetics Community team selected 10 of the most popular digital marketing platforms as categories of the awards.With over 300 award entries received, the team of judges selected the top five brands from each of the 10 categories. 

Consumers were given a month to vote online for their favorite beauty brand, resulting in over 16,000 votes.

Congratulations to all the winners below! The winners received a beautiful custom made trophy in the shape of the letter C for Customer, Consumer or Care, which describes the nature of digital marketing. 

Best Twitter: MAC Cosmetics

Best Facebook: Mary Kay

 Best Pinterest: Mary Kay

Best Instagram: Bath & Body Works

Best App: Sephora to go 

 Best YouTube Channel: Mary Kay

Best eCommerce Website: Sephora

 Best Beauty Startup:eSalon

 Best Technology: JeNu

 Best Beauty Brand Online: Sally Hansen

- Kim Weling

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