Monday, February 2, 2015

Zeusvision's Digital Media Bus Featuring

I was first introduced to Zeusvision's digital media buses back in October, and as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I was excited to be given the opportunity to participate in one of their campaigns. For a two week period, my ad for Fashionably Petite, featuring an image from my SHANE by AxelJordan photo shoot, was spotted on Zeusvision's digital media bus on the streets of Los Angeles, from approximately December 8th through December 22nd, during 9-6pm. 

For this campaign, I was hoping to generate brand awareness for my blog on the west coast, since I have more of a presence in the local New York City area. I was happy with the campaign, as I saw that some of my new social media followers were coming from the Los Angeles area when the campaign was running.  

Since this is a very new concept, I look forward to Zeusvision's launch in NYC and seeing what kind of advertising runs locally. For any blogger planning on running a campaign with Zeusvision, I think it would be beneficial to incorporate a contest or giveaway, or promote an upcoming event. Zeusvision is really easy to work with and is quick to provide tips and feedback while putting your campaign together. 

I would like to thank Zeusvision for including me in one of their digital bus advertising campaigns for their public launch. Read about my initial feature on Zeusvision's public launch here and learn more at

- Kim Weling

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