Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Samsung Focus™ Flash Windows Phone 7.5

Since I've been an iPhone user for so long, it's hard to even think of transitioning to another phone, but switching to the Samsung Focus™ Flash Windows Phone 7.5 made it easy. For me, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the perfect time for a new phone upgrade, since it's non-stop texting, tweeting, checking in and posting to Facebook in between shows.

I love the petite design, and ease of getting to my favorite apps through the tiles. My most used apps automatically show up on the tiles so there's no need to search for them or wonder where they went (apps were constantly accidently moved on my iPhone - it was the most annoying thing).

It's also easy to access my emails (gotta love 4G) and post to Twitter and Facebook. I also love how this phone creates contact cards, linking to their picture, Twitter handle and email address and allows you to see their recent tweets or Facebook posts.

Here's a demo of the Samsung Focus™ Flash Windows Phone 7.5

- Kim Weling

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