Thursday, August 4, 2011

Votre Vu's VuBAR Featuring Bébé Duette

On Wednesday July 27th, I visited the Votre Vu VuBAR, parked on Avenue of Americas between 51st and 52nd Street. The VuBAR featured Votre Vu's newest product, Bébé Duette Luxe Lips, Luxe Lips Framboise and Hand Crème, $39.50. The 2-pack is a petite version of the original Duette Luxe Lip Balm and Hand Crème. One version comes with clear lip balm and the other has raspberry lip balm located in the cap with a mirror.

The clear lip balm is made from coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, leaving lips soft, supple and shiny, with a deliciously light and natural coconut flavor. I am loving the new raspberry lip balm, which has a citrusy, natural passion fruit flavor and adds a light touch of color to the lips. The Luxe Lips Framboise (raspberry) also has a vitamin E infused anti-aging formula, and both lip balms have UV filters to add extra protection to your lips!

The Tarte D’Amande hand crème has a decadent almond and coconut fragrance and leaves your hands feeling super soft and luxurious. This hand crème also has sun filters for UVA/UVB protection to maintain skin tone.

The Bébé Duette is great to throw in your purse or gym bag and makes the perfect travel gift since it's TSA approved!

Votre Vu VuBAR

- Kim Weling

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