Sunday, July 24, 2011

Forever 21 Fall 2011

Forever 21 is focusing on four themes for the fall collection - Vintage Darling, 70s Boho, Midnight Angel - edgy, 80s rock and Navajo-inspired Rustic Cabin.

Vintage Darling is my favorite, with a modern update to pearls and romantic white lace. Everything I am eyeing for fall was featured in the Vintage Darling vignette at the preview - lace tights, lace tops, cropped lace blazer, sequin jacket and floral wedge shoes.

Boho features long, printed skirts and dresses, fringe vests and feather earrings and necklaces. Midnight Angel really rocks the black lace - from cropped leggings to corset tops and black pencil skirts. Rustic Cabin embraces crochet vests and dramatic, feather headdresses and hats.

I couldn't help but love all the jewelry from feathered or enamel heart earrings to pearl locket pendants and rose carved rings.

Lookout for the collection this August/September!

- Kim Weling


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