Saturday, June 26, 2010

Columbia Sportswear Introduces Omni-Heat® for Fall 2010

I recently attended the Columbia Sportswear’s Fall 2010 preview, focusing on the launch of Omni-Heat®, a family of technology solutions designed to keep outdoor consumers warm. The Omni-Heat® suite delivers warmth and superior regulation of body temperature without added bulk using a combination of the following innovations:

• Omni-Heat® Thermal Reflective regulates body temperature using a patent pending dot-matrix application of reflective material on a moisture-wicking, air permeable base layer, working together to reflect and retain body warmth while dissipating moisture heat.
• Omni-Heat® Thermal Insulation achieves the industry’s highest heat retention per gram using a new proprietary insulation that employs 50% recycled materials.
• Omni-Heat® Thermal Electric allows consumer to keep their feet warm at the push of a button by activating a patent-pending, battery-powered array of heating elements located strategically throughout the footbed in select Columbia winter boot styles.

This winter I’m really looking forward to trying out a pair of Omni-Heat® Thermal Electric boots. I don’t snowboard or ski, but I may have more motivation to try with the right products to keep me warm. The gloves or boots would even be great for staying warm while cleaning snow off of my car in the winter. The Omni-Heat® line will range from $90 to $200 at Columbia Sportswear stores and at coming this fall. Learn more about Omni-Heat® here.

Along with the new Omni-Heat® product lineup, I got a sneak peek at some other fall pieces. I was really impressed with how lightweight the down jackets are, and I hear they are incredibly warm. They would be easy to pack without being bulky. I definitely want the long zip-up tunic, to pair with leggings. I was really pleased to hear that Columbia Sportswear has XS sizing!

During the preview I received the Columbia Titanium Mobex Sprint Backpack, Majik Wands® Gloves and Peruvian Hat – can’t wait to try these out!

- Kim Weling

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