Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hailey Logan Launch + Adrianna Papell 30th Anniversary

Hailey Logan and Jaynee Berkman

Models in Hailey Logan dresses

This is one of my favorites

Another favorite of mine

Adrianna Papell dress

I love the Adrianna Papell dress on the right

Last month I attended the launch of the Hailey Logan dress collection and the 30th Anniversary of Adrianna Papell. The Hailey Logan collection is named after Jaynee Berkman's 10-year old daughter and is the junior line to Adrianna Papell. The Hailey Logan line starts at a size 0, and is targeted toward teens to women in their early 20s. You can find the collection in Spring 2010 at retailers where Adrianna Papell is sold. The line is fun and youthful - the short cocktail dresses are actually the perfect length for me or anyone else that's petite. The line is perfect for any occasion - proms, weddings and charity events.

As I looked through all the Adrianna Papell dresses, I reminisced about the Adrianna Papell dresses I wore to my junior and senior proms. I have always been a fan of Adrianna Papell dresses, which are classic and timeless. I was very excited to be there for the 30th Anniversary.

- Kim Weling

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  1. I'm from Ireland. I only know about Adrianna Papell because of my American Aunt. I love her dresses and am lucky enough to own a few. Sheer gorgeous-ness!