Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ernesto Neto at Park Avenue Armory

The Park Avenue Armory celebrated the launch of the annual artist commissioning program, with Ernesto Neto’s installation titled anthropodino, focusing on the idea of the human body (“anthro”) as a central concern. During the preview party held on May 13th, Leblon Cachaca provided cocktails including Tumeric, Black Pepper Clove, Black Cumin and classic caipirinhas.

The floor-scape architecture has a bone-like structure made of see-through tulle fabric. Pendulant sacks filled with spices heighten your senses as you smell the aroma of ginger, lavender and chamomile. The space can be explored by walking inside or outside of the structure. Other parts of the interactive exhibit required you to take off your shoes, including a giant pit of plastic seafoam balls, in which kids were having fun diving into, a soft, handmade rug that could be used as a colorful runway and a room filled with more pendulant sacks and floor sacks filled with spices and beads. It was like an aromatherapy meditation room, as you couldn’t help but feel relaxed. If you haven’t been already, experience the installation through June 14th.

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